New Kids in the Creek Website

Posted August 10th, 2012

Here at Cascadia, we have been working hard to expand one of our most popular and successful education programs, Kids in the Creek.

The success of Kids in the Creek can be attributed to an award winning curriculum, motivated educators, enthusiastic students, willing volunteers, and to the multi-agency partnerships that have formed and maintained the program since 1992.  Core team partners include; Cascadia Conservation District, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, Department of Ecology, and City of Wenatchee. Many other partners and private citizens have contributed over the years.

Kids in the Creek is a hands-on outdoor education program for local high school students. It allows them to experience the practical application of scientific methodology through a series of work stations, in which they collect and analyze data. The program is designed to illustrate the importance of the entire watershed. Students gain knowledge and understanding of positive and negative outcomes that natural and human actions can have on the health of a water system.

Since the beginning, we have strived to improve this program by keeping it up-to-date and fresh.  The newest element of the program is the Fish Health activity.  We initiated this activity in 2009 and after a few trial years, have completed the full curriculum and added it to field day exercises.

Earlier this year the core team commissioned the filming of training videos for resource professionals. There are seven training videos, which include, an introduction to the program with an over view of the culminating activity, and an individual video for each of the six stations. Each video is accompanied with a script and equipment checklist to guide participating professionals through each station. This material will prepare potential station assistants to state the goals and objectives, guide students through the station, and summarize the lessons learned. These videos are housed on the new stand-alone Kids in the Creek website at, which was launched on October, 30th 2012.

Finally, an independent program, Adults in the Creek, has been fully tested and implemented. This program is designed to provide adults interested in understanding the Kids in the Creek Program a hands-on, experiential, glimpse into the field day. Attendance is open to volunteers, future activity assistants, administrators, or parents interested in a better understanding. Adults in the Creek is now mandatory for teachers wanting to bring their class to Kids in the Creek, to ensure educator and students success. Teachers will get a full understanding of how to prepare students for this unique field day, as well as, receive clock hours for their participation.

Congratulations core team members for a very successful year.

“To connect students with aquatic and riparian ecosystems for an understanding of watersheds and the critical role of human land management activities.” – Kids in the Creek Mission Statement.